DDUGKY Courses is a feature of the National Rural Livelihood Mission, assigned with the dual objectives of counting variety to the incomes of rural families and catering to the career aspirations shortcut to size pdf of rural youth. DDUGKY is uniquely concentrated on youth people between the ages of 15 and 35 from low-income people. Hence, it recreates a crucial position in assisting the social and financial ambitions of the Government as part of the Skill India initiative through Government Free Training Courses.

Who should engage with DDUGKY Courses in Industrial Internships?

Elysian Skill Training is the leading Government Free Training Courses Provider in South India. By 2030, we want to train 4 million people in the industry, Technology, IT services, and education. A skilled, labor-intensive business that requires an additional workforce to rise but lacks activity skills can engage with DDUGKY Courses in the Industrial Internship mode. For example, if you are a business specializing in handicrafts and need skilled employees to build scale. You should select the Industrial Internships route to provide learning on the job. Here, DDUGKY Courses provides access and retention of candidates for 12 months through financial support through Free Courses of Skill India.

Placement Based on DDUGKY Courses

      • Attention building within the community on the opportunities

      • Recognizing rural youth who are lacking

      • Mobilizing rural youth who are interested

      • Preference based on Skill

      • Imparting learning, industry-linked skills, and attitudes that enhance employability

    • Providing jobs that can be verified through practices that stand up to separate scrutiny and pay above minimum earnings.

Approach of the DDUGKY Courses

·      A change in focus from GovernmentFree Training Courses to career progression.

·      Reduce the pain of migration when it isunavoidable

·      A visionary approach to building partnerships

·      Monitoring inputs and outputs, where the main focus is displacement.

·      It allows states to take the full right of DDUGKY Courses projects. It has been determined not to consider any more Multi-State Projects.

·     The demands, requirements, and unique characteristics of States in Tamil Nadu were described in a particular scheme for Skill Projects. Improving the Capacity of Project Implementing Agencies
approval and State sharing is required.

Usual responsibilities of DDUGKY Courses

    • Sanction a contribution, as per project norms, towards the free training.

    • Prioritize support of training projects

    • Support mobilization via States where the schemes are authorized.

Special Component of DDUGKY Courses

The mandatory coverage of a socially disadvantaged group provides top social inclusion of the candidates. 15% of the funds would go to minorities, 50% to SCs and STs, and 3% to those with disabilities. One-third of the people should be women. Regional inclusion of candidates is encouraged through a special sub-scheme for the youth of Jammu, and Kashmir, which functions under ASDP for a state that covers urban and rural youth Below the Poverty line (BPL) as well as Above the Poverty line (APL) persons.

Implementation Ideal under DDUGKY Courses

DDUGKY Courses follows a three-tier implementation paradigm. First, the DDUGKY Courses National Unit of MoRD serves as the policy development, technical assistance, and facilitation agency. In addition, the DDU-GKY State Missions deliver performance help, and the Project Implementing Agencies execute the agenda through propelling and placement projects.

Key features of the DDUGKY Courses

Multi-Partner Approach DDU-GKY is aware that it must contend with the support of numerous associates to ensure success and maximize the acquisition made in time and resources. Furthermore, to energize and build mass approval and create attention among the rural youth through Government Certification Courses. The DDU-GKY projects need to be linked and implemented in a PPP way. Therefore, the involvement and cooperation between civil society organizations, Educational institutions and regulating organizations, the Government, and Private organizations, guarantee that DDUGKY Courses can leverage the powers of all and achieve a transformative shift.

Employing Technology In Implementation

We recognize the significance of global and local exposure to Technology and how it strengthens our bonds and facilitates project monitoring, implementation, and training delivery. Therefore, through its training affiliates, DDUGKY Courses has used the following.

Focus on sustainability

Industry engagements have stressed the importance of soft skill training above domain skill training, which they acquire on the job. Therefore, To ensure that applicants can succeed in their work environments and integrate into the business and society, DDUGKY Courses has prescribed 160 hours of instruction in soft skills, functional English, and computer literacy. In addition, a final module called Work Readiness Government Free Training Courses is recommended to ensure that qualified candidates are ready to jump in wherever they are hired.

Key Challenges and Future

India is a country of many people. Therefore, recruiting passionate candidates to find economic possibilities of sufficient scale constitute the key challenge faced by DDU-GKY every day. The Ministry’s vision is to sustain every one of the assessed 55 Million rural youth from low-income families within the next 15 years and sustainably bring them out of poverty through Free Courses.


Elysian Skill Training’s motto is providing the Best Government Free Courses with different deriving maximized customer experience. Additionally, to continuously learn, work, and evolve to be the most favoured employer and offer employees an excellent working environment. We aim to have the students start over and go through several levels. Young people in this place who are motivated believe in societal accomplishment. Our team comprises a group of enthusiastic and committed specialists committed to supplying and training all students from all centers involved in various projects and assisting them in actualizing the necessary passion for success.