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Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation is established with the primary goal to improve skilled manpower in Tamil Nadu to fulfil skill demands of industries thereby engaging large investments to our nation.

TNSDC Training: Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation has been established with the primary aim to transform the state into the skill training center by training the rural youth and enhance their employability skill to match the industry’s expectations. The primary objective of TNSDC Training is to improve the skilled manpower in Tamil Nadu. Therefore, it helps to attain the needs of industries by attracting large investments to our state.

To achieve the major objective, Government has taken pro-active measures to improve the skilled work force in the state quantitatively and qualitatively. Therefore, transforming the nation into a skill hub of the country. TNSDC Training will helps to attract investment to our state resulting in large scale employment generation benefiting youth. By imparting employable skills for harnessing the power of youth towards nation-building.









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TNSDC Training is about what is being taught, but more importantly, how it is being skilled and to what end. We are the most reputed skill providers for a wide array of Employment Related Training Programmes.

Tnsdc Training

Computer Networking

Computer networking course involves giving the necessary knowledge and ability that allow you to access the computer and its latest updated technology efficiently. It is vital to have a necessary foundation for computer networking skills for this challenging world.

  • Duration: 500 Hrs
  • Prerequisites: XII
  • Skill Level: Advanced Level
Tnsdc Training

Hardware Assistance

Hardware assistance maintains computer hardware and systems for sharing data and information. This Course deals with learning the different aspects of hardware in the computer, assembling and disassembling them etc. Advancement includes troubleshooting techniques.

  • Duration: 500 Hrs
  • Prerequisites: XII
  • Skill Level: Advanced Level
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