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National Urban Livelihoods Mission

The main objective of NULM Training will focus on improving an opportunities for skill development which leads to market-based employment and helping them to set up self-employment.

NULM Training: To lower the poverty of the poor people by making them gain self-employable skills with wage able opportunities, resulting in improving their livelihoods. The aim of NULM Training is to provide shelter equipped services that are essential to urban people who are homeless. Also, concerning the livelihood facilities to spaces, security and skills to the poor people for emerging opportunities.

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NULM Training focuses on promotion programs which enable and drive the livelihood to scale up abruptly. Such institutional platforms care for urban and poor people to build up their own social and financial assets. This will give them access the rights, opportunities and services which are offered by the private and public sectors. It also enhances the voice and bargaining power of the poor in this real world.









Job Roles

Courses We Offer in NULM Training

NULM Training is about what is being taught, but more importantly, how it is being skilled and to what end. We are the most reputed skill providers for a wide array of Employment Related Training Programmes.

Nulm Training

Computer Networking

In NULM Training, Computer networking course offers the knowledge to perform the fundamental tasks on a computer. With necessary computer skills, one can understand to type, generate web skills, access social media etc. Every youth needs to highlight their relevant computer skills for their job profile.

  • Duration: 440 Hrs
  • Prerequisites: XII
  • Skill Level: Advanced Level
Nulm Training

Hardware Assistance

Hardware assistance course involves handling the various components of computer systems. So they should have complete knowledge in this hardware field. It includes designing hardware and supervises each for production. By studying this course, every youth can become capable of handling real-time situations.

  • Duration: 440 Hrs
  • Prerequisites: XII
  • Skill Level: Advanced Level
Nulm Training

Beautician Course

Beautician course in Elysian Skill provides the best training to deal with applying makeup that is an appropriate and corrective application in terms of cosmetics for skin, eyes, cheeks. This courses covers demonstrations and understanding the tone, shapes of faces, colour theory etc.

  • Duration: 500 Hrs
  • Prerequisites: XII
  • Skill Level: Advanced Level
Integrated Courses

Pursuing an Integrated course is a best choice to save time and gain more knowledge in more than one field and it is valued by the employers.

Get Govt Certified

Kick start your career and your future with DDU-GKY. By learning this scheme, the candidate can get Government Certification.

Job Guaranteed

Elysian Skill Training provide 100% Job Guarantee skill training for a candidate who is eagerly looking for some Job oriented courses.

Gain Employable

Our employable skills that help to make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their career.

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NULM Training offers a unique opportunity to enhance your essay writing skills. Through focused skill training, you can improve critical thinking, research abilities, and articulate ideas effectively. Enrolling in NULM Training can provide the foundation needed to create compelling and well-structured essays.